Implementation to your project

1. In EpicGames Launcher open Library Tab and search for Spell Indicator in Vault

2. Install plugin in Engine version.

3. Inside Project, open Edit/Plugins and turn on Spell Indicator

4. To spawn indicator you have to right click inside your blueprint actor and look for -SpawnIndicator. Select indicator type you want to spawn.

Compose your own Indicator

1. Firstly we have to create IndicatorBehaviourDefinition, which will define how our indicator will -behave. In Misc/DataAsset create the following :Once you open it, it should looks like that :

2. Select or Create animation curve. In Data/Curves folder you will find multiple curve samples created already. This curve define how -filling the indicator will be achived

3. In /Material folder you will find materials, you can edit their colors, opacity and other stuff to match your desired look. As in example :

4. Fill the IndicatorBehaviourDefinition data, you should end up with something like this :Delay : How long, border preview delay should be in seconds.
Refresh Data : How smooth indicator should be, purerly for optimization purposes.

4. Simply spawn your indicator, selected the definition you created and fill the rest.In this case we will end up with : Circle Indicator, that have no border delay, its radius will be 1m, will stay for 1 seconds and the visual look will be defined by material.

5. You can bind events to OnIndicatorStart and to OnIndicatorFinish

That way we could build almost infinite number of indicators based of requirements which could match multiple Enemies in game. The example above shows only Circle type, but this approach can be used for all of them.



Designed to use as Pre-Spell notificators to indicate better area of effect. Can be used in any type of games. Indicators are based of Decal Actors. All Shapes are done completly via Materials. No Textures.

Can be used in Multiplayer Project via RPC

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Product compatible with UE 5.2 +